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Lived in a Van

Became an ICU Nurse

Collected College Degrees

Backpacked Thousands of Miles

Survived Ultra-Marathons

Bought  a  Tiny  Cabin

Wrote a Novel

Seeking meaning, Eric abandoned a career in finance to work on an ambulance, later selling everything he owned to live in a van, tooling around the West while delving into the depths of human tragedy as a critical care nurse.


His journey included four degrees, MS/BS Math, BS Nursing, and most interestingly, a BS in Psychology, focusing on human connection, gender relations, and sexuality.

Somewhere in Oregon?

An avid backpacker, he has spent months in the wilderness, covering thousands of miles over large chunks of the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, among numerous others. He has also explored the backcountry in Patagonia, Norway and Canada.

Storm Rolling in Over Blackrock Pass, High Sierras

Tiring of full-time van life, he purchased a tiny cabin in the mountains, where most of this novel was written. Gazing at the view, with music shaping the vibe and a cup of coffee or tea in hand, he penned Susan’s journey. Appropriately, this view became the novel’s cover art.

Five Feet of Snow: Ideal Writing Weather

He currently lives in an actual house in a magical little town in Southern Oregon, Ashland, with a yard often full of deer, turkeys, or the occasional bear. When he’s not working at the local hospital, now as a nephrology nurse, he can be found trail running in the surrounding mountains. He is well known for his love of burritos.

What? Your deck has perfect access to this tree.
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